May 7th, 2016

If I find good resources that can be helpful, I like to share them. Here are some good examples:

Recently, the hard drive on my 4 year old computer failed altogether. I almost lost everything, all my pictures and files. Luckily for me, I had everything backed up. It’s a good idea!

Unlimited Online backup for 4.95/month

In addtion to e-mail, I still do some direct mail. A great way to personalize it is with custom photo postage stamps.

Even though there are other e-sign options, this one works great on the iPad.

468x60 Docusign Banner

In the real estate business, often we are faxing multi pages at a time. Having an online option can be a real timesaver.

Need a special widget for your site? What about your own social network for your sphere or farm. This is the place.

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